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Affinis Shoulder System

The Mathys Shoulder portfolio covers a wide range of indications: Whether primary care, fracture or revision implants, the Affinis implants provide systematic solutions to orthopaedic challenges. Since the beginning of 2000 the shoulder portfolio has been continuously further developed, improved and expanded. Of course medical advances have also influenced our instruments.


With the Affinis Reverse – Mathys addresses two main causes for the failure of inverse shoulder endoprostheses: Soft tissue balancing by improved implant fitting and design as well as notching by a modified combination of materials in comparison to conventional prostheses.

The issue of notching is addressed from two sides: Possible reduction of mechanical notching through eccentric implants and instruments for a reproducible surgical technique.

Biological notching, i.e. osteolysis caused by polyethylene (PE) wear at the neck of the scapula, is reduced by inversing the joint material pairing: With a PE or vitamys glenosphere and a ceramic or metallic inlay on the side of the humerus, there are no PE wear particles at the neck of the scapula caused by notching. As a result, osteolysis only rarely or no longer occurs.

The Affinis Inverse is completely nickel-free when using the ceramic/PE pairing. Together with the standard titanium components the prosthesis is appropriate for nickel-sensitive patients.

Mathys Hip Systems

To be able to offer users possible solutions for treating their patient in the area of hip arthroplasty, Mathys has a broad portfolio that strives to cover the various philosophies.

The optimys stem, in combination with a Mathys ceramic head and the RM Pressfit vitamys cup, is known as the bonepreservation system.

RM PRESSFIT VITIMYS CUP,  launched onto the market in 2009, combines the advantages of the RM Pressfit cup with the good material properties of vitamys, a highly cross-linked, vitamin-E-stabilised polyethylene (HXLPE) that is highly resistant to oxidation, ageing and wear. The RM Pressfit vitamys cup – the first cement-free elastic monoblock cup worldwide made of HXLPE enriched with vitamin E – is the advancement of the proven RM Pressfit cup. The RM Pressfit cup achieves its primary stability through an equatorial press-fit. Aided by the flattening of the polar region, compressive forces are guided towards the periphery of the acetabular cup. Additional stabilisation can be achieved as needed, using up to four screws.

The implant has an elasticity similar to bone. Together with the special titanium particle coating on the cup surface, speedy osseointegration is sustainably supported and this allows for reliable secondary stability.

The properties of vitamys allow for thinner walls, which subsequently permit the use of larger articulation diameters with smaller cups: Starting with a cup size of 48mm an articulation of 32mm is possible, and starting with 50mm, an articulation of 36mm is possible.

Mathys Hip Systems

To be able to offer users possible solutions for treating their patient in the area of hip arthroplasty, Mathys has a broad portfolio that strives to cover the various philosophies.

The optimys stem, in combination with a Mathys ceramic head and the RM Pressfit vitamys cup, is known as the bonepreservation system.

THE OPTIMYS STEM was developed to allow reconstruction of the individual patient’s anatomy. The key anatomical landmark for implanting the stem is the medial curvature of the femur, allowing the objective of restoration of the centre of rotation and offset to be achieved, regardless of the initial varus or valgus position of the femoral neck. The philosophy of the optimys stem focuses on the medial curvature of the femur (calcar femorale). The result is the stem can be adapted to the patient’s individual anatomical conditions with the goal of reconstructing the patient’s offset.The distinctive triple taper design allows good primary stability to be achieved to minimise the risk of subsidence postoperatively. The titanium plasma spray with calcium phosphate coating promotes osseointegration of the stem. With twelve sizes for the standard and lateral version, the system offers a comprehensive implant portfolio.

The balanSys Knee System

The balanSys is a full system for bicondylar, Uni Condylar and Revision Knees.

The balanSys Bicondylar Total Knee Replacement is based on four prosthesis philosophies (CR, UC, RP, PS) for a wide variety of clinical requirements. The enhanced leggera instruments offer refinements in precision and technology and are available as a liga-ment-oriented ligament tensor technique or for a bone-oriented surgical technique. The balanSys BICONDYLAR knee system demonstrates clinical reliability and scores highly in terms of patient satisfaction.
The stable anchoring of the components with optimally congruent articulation surfaces, combined with the femoral single-radius design, results in a durable total knee replacement. The specific design is geared to stability over the entire range of motion.
balanSys BICONDYLAR inlays made of vitamys achieve high oxidation resistance by addition of the natural antioxidant vitamin E. This ensures that the excellent mechanical and tribological properties are maintained even over long periods of use. The refined height  increments of the vitamys inlays support the precise balancing adjustments of the flexion and extension gap and allow intraoperative flexibility for fine-tuning of the stability.
In addition, the portfolio comprises balanSys BICONDYLAR TiNbN*-coated tibia and femur components for CR, UC and PS. The special TiNbN coating is an abrasion-resistant layer that reduces the release of metal ions into the patient’s tissue.


You can download the Optimys brochure here.

You can download the balanSys brochure here.

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