Obsidian Health is a leading supplier of innovative healthcare solutions to both the private and public healthcare sectors within Sub Saharan Africa. The product portfolio includes capital equipment and medical devices within the key focus areas of Cardiology, Cardiovascular, Theatre, ICU and High Care as well as Point of Care (POC) diagnostic testing. Customer support is provided through a dedicated factory trained sales, applications and technical support teams. The 30 year history of the company, products and team emanates from the acquisition of the medical division of The Scientific Group which was acquired by Obsidian Health in 2015.

Obsidian Health has five sales business units which are all supported centrally by our export, technical, customer services and operations divisions:

          • Angio: Minimally invasive entry site management, lesion access and embolization solutions.
          • Cardio: A comprehensive range of solutions and products used in cardiac and vascular surgery.
          • Point of Care: Point of care testing solutions to improve the quality of treatment, increase efficiency, and reduce the total cost of care at the patient bedside and within the healthcare facility.
          • Hospital: An extensive range of medical devices providing solutions to theatre, ICU and high care as well as other speciality areas within the hospital.
          • Ortho: Official distributors of all ARTHROSURFACE® products and INTEGRA® products

Product images


Panta Nail is Integra’s Ankle Arthrodesis Nail, It allows for 12mm of compression.

PF Wave is Arthrosurface’s Patello-Femoral Resurfacing inlay.

Cadence is the new ground breaking Total Ankle Replacement system from Integra. It allows for more than 500 implant combinations.


You can download the Cadence brochure here.

You can download the Safe Guard brochure here.