MC PHARMA (Pty) Ltd.

MC Pharma (Pty) Ltd., is a specialist pharmaceutical company registered in 1995.  As a company we have registered many products throughout South Africa and have partnered on many levels with multinationals.

In the category of Orthopaedics, Garacoll® (gentamycin containing collagen sponge implant) is our flagship brand, indicated as a haemostatic used in the prevention of Surgical Site Infections. Recently the company has also launched a range of injectable collagen products that assists in the regeneration of new collagen and cartilage. The Guna Collagen Medical Devices represent a therapeutic tool ideal to manage repair and remodelling processes, which are essential in restoring damaged tissue. Collagen in the injection will assist in the regeneration and stimulation of cartilage formation. 

Product images


Injectable Collagen for use in osteo-arthro-myo-fascial pathologies.


Gentamicin containing resorbable collagen implant for prevention of SSI’s.


Injectable Collagen for use in orthopaedic pathologies improving knee movement and mechanical support. E.g. Osteoarthritis, blows and injuries.


You can download the Guna Detailing Booklet here.

You can download the Garacoll Flyer here.

Meet the exhibitor

Denver Wicomb

Head of Commercial Operations & New Business.
“The Operator”
(Pharmacist with 23 years industry experience)