Bone SA was established in 1994 and specialise in the marketing and distribution of human bone and tissue allograft to the medical community in South Africa and SADC regions.

A Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation, the company is fully ISO 9000:20015 accredited and is a signatory to the SAMED code of ethical conduct, giving customers and business partners complete assurance of world class standards of service and governance.

Bone SA’s primary objectives are the promotion of the interests of people disabled by disease or injury, through the processing and distribution of bone and tissue related products; providing competitively priced and relevant services to our customers.

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Revise On is an osteo-inductive, demineralised cortical bone matrix with cross-linked collagen, indicated for use in weight-bearing locations, such as knee surgery, hip revision surgery and impaction grafting for the acetabulum or femoral shaft.

It can be used in uncontained defects if it is reconstituted with autogenous blood fibrin.  It is packaged in 10g and 20g quantities.


MCBC has osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties.  Demineralised and lyophilised, it is a combination graft, indicated for use in spinal cages, spinal surgery, non-unions and other bone defects.  As a result of the demineralisation process, the demineralised bone matrix is more biologically active.


Fuse On is a cortical osteoinductive demineralised bone matrix suspended in lyophilised cross-linked human collagen indicated for use in mal- or non-union, posterior fusion, any partially uncontained bone defects or lesions, sinus lifts, spinal cages, periodontal defects, peri-implant defects, extraction sockets and other osseous defects such as apicoectomies and tumour resections. 


You can download the Combination Orthopaedic and Spinal Grafts brochure here.


Meet the exhibitor

Lauren Knoop & Greg Heath

Lauren is the Product Specialist for the Cape region
Greg is the Sales, Marketing and Business Development Executive for Bone SA