Arthromedix is the foremost provider of minimally invasive Orthopaedic solutions to the Southern     African market. Leading the way in the field of endoscopy, sports medicine, soft tissue reconstruction, arthroplasty, extremities, trauma plating and orthobiologics. With over 20 years’ experience in the Orthopaedic industry, Arthromedix is dedicated to providing simple, safe, and reproducible surgical solutions to Orthopaedic specialists coupled with a comprehensive medical education and Professional Development Programme designed to meet the needs of surgeons and improve patient outcomes.

Our commitment extends to partnering with all relevant stakeholders to ensure innovative, sustainable solutions to the national health care challenges. To learn more, visit

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Fiber Stitch

The FiberStitch implant is an innovative all-inside meniscal repair system that replaces hard PEEK implants with soft suture sheaths. 2-0 coreless FiberWire® suture and a pretied sliding knot provide secure arthroscopic all-suture meniscus repair. The ergonomic handle is designed for single-handed implant delivery and active implant deployment technology minimizes needle exposure beyond the meniscus, eliminating the need to past-point the needle. Contact for more info!

Speed Fix

Quick and secure single row fixation can be achieved with SpeedFix. SpeedFix utilizes the benefits of the new PassPort Button cannula and the SCORPION-multifire suture passer. This suture passer is used to pass an inverted mattress stitch in one step. The flexible PassPort Button cannulas maximize visibility and maneuverability inside and outside of the arthroscopic work-space. The double-dam, 1-piece molded design has low-profile flanges that sit flush to the skin and soft tissue. These flanges create a stable portal that allows instruments to be inserted and removed without the concern of cannula loss. Contact for more info!

Internal Brace

The goal of surgery is to restore the anatomy by repairing the injured ligament and strengthening the ankle to its preinjury status. Doctors commonly use suture anchors to tie down the repaired ligaments to the ankle bones. InternalBrace ligament augmentation repair, an innovative treatment advancement, is now commonly incorporated into the procedure and helps expedite the recovery process.The InternalBrace construct helps prevent excess range of motion during the healing phase and may reduce the chances of secondary injuries, similar to how a seat belt acts in a car accident. Contact for more info!


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