Paragon 28 was established to address the unmet and under-served needs of the foot and ankle market segment, and as such design and manufacture orthopaedic implants specifically for the foot and ankle only. We offer everything foot and ankle, from ankle fractures, fusions, and replacements through to soft tissue solutions and a wide range of plates and screws to meet your needs.

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Trauma Solutions

Complete trauma solutions including 360 deg ankle fracture fixation including syndesmotic repair, Lisfranc injuries, calcaneal fractures, metatarsal fractures, cuboid and navicular fractures

Gorilla Plating System

Gorilla and Baby Gorilla Plating Systems consist of a wide range of plating options to cover osteotomies and fusions across the hind- mid- and forefoot. Some popular ranges include MTP, Lapidus, Lisfranc, Medial Column, Universal and Calcaneal Slide plates. Some niche products include the NC fusion plates, Lateral Column plates, PROMO bunion correction system and the Lapidus Nail. New additions to the range are our Silverback Ankle fusion plates and Phantom TTC Nail options which have been very positively received in the market so far.

Cannulated Screw Range

Comprehensive cannulated screw range including 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.5, 7.0 mm screw diameter options in choice of headed or headless with thread lengths from short, medium, long and full thread. We also have a midfoot beaming system consisting of solid and cannulated fully threaded and partially threaded beams for Charcot Foot as well as a Jones Screw system specifically for 5th metatarsal fractures.


You can download the Gorilla System brochure here.

You can download the Trauma Solutions brochure here.

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